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Sod Types

At Turf Master Sod Farms, we understand how difficult it can be to choose the correct sod type. There are many factors to take into consideration when making this investment in your home or business. Appearance, grass density, root depth, watering needs, growth rate, soil requirements, and shade tolerance all play an important role in this decision making process. As leading experts in the sod business, we are here to help you choose the sod that best fits your individual needs. Please feel free to stop by one of our farms, or give us a call –– we would be happy to address your questions or concerns and guide you to the sod that best suites your personal requirements.

Turf Master Enviroturf™ is our new drought tolerant turfgrass blend. It is a very dense, hardy blend of turf with many appealing qualities. It contains endophytes which are the best natural way to ward off insects, and has a very deep root system, making it a very drought tolerance plant. In fact, within the first 18 months of establishment, Turf Master Enviroturf™ can use 30%-40% less water, and 50% less nitrogen than Kentucky Bluegrass! (Less watering AND less fertilizing!) Turf Master Enviroturf™ thrives in sun or shade, and is adaptable for almost every situation. It is a very durable turfgrass -- ideal for areas of high traffic and wear.

Turf Master EnviroBlue™ germinates quickly, is low growing, and has a dark green appearance in spring that progresses to a bright blue-green color. It has many characteristics that set it apart from other turf. It is an excellent choice for low maintenance sites, even as part of showcase turf areas due to its low water requirements, low nitrogen requirement, and reduced growth rate. This blend typically persists in soils that are droughty, acidic, and infertile, if the soils are properly drained. EnviroBlue Blend™ also performs well in the shade with tree root competition and can be utilized in areas where many other turfgrasses will not thrive.

90-10 Fescue Blend

This blend has a leafy base with ascending culms 1’ to 3’ tall, and wide dark green leaves. It produces a large volume of deep, coursely fibrous roots. It grows well in western states in Spring, Summer, and Fall at higher latitudes. It will grow well on all soils with adequate moisture. The 90/10 fescue blend has a wide pH range and is tolerant of moderate saline and acidic soils. This blend will tolerate poorly drained soils, winter flooding, and fairly high water tables. It is drought tolerant, but survives in 16" of moisture in cooler regions of northern and western mountains.

Self Repairing Tall Fescue

Selecting new breeds of grasses is designed to conserve natural resources, and is one of the easiest ways to make a positive, long term impact in the landscape. Tall Fescue has been converted by breeders into a low maintenance, drought tolerant turf for mid-continental areas. Tall Fescue conserves on irrigation requirements because of its deep root system. Additionally, breeders have dramatically altered the stature of tall fescue by converting it from a lanky, tall growing forage into a fine textured, low growing turf. By making the species more esthetically acceptable to consumer expectations and combining it with natural adaptive advantages, tall fescue water and nutrient conserving advantages can be extended to even more landscape situations. Additional advantages in disease resistance have further extended the environmental range of this species. Improving cultivars and management strategies have made tall fescue easier to harvest and care for; making it an excellent choice for your personal or commercial lawn.

Canadian Blue Fescue

Canadian Blue Fescue™ is a very drought tolerant, low maintenance grass, with a very fine leaf texture. Environmentally sensitive sites and low traffic turf areas can both benefit by using Canadian Blue Fescue™. Fescue hybrids have been traditionally viewed as ornamental grasses. Canadian Blue Fescue™ is well adapted to a mown turf situation or can be left to grow tall for a more natural appeal. Canadian Blue Fescue™ looks beautiful in home lawn settings, roadsides, medians, open space, golf course roughs, and blends well with native grasses and wildflowers. Canadian Blue Fescue™ will change color, turning a blue-gray color during 90°F+ heat and high stress periods. Canadian Blue Fescue™ is very shade tolerant, often found in the dry shade of trees. Canadian Blue FescueTM is a combination of Canadian Bluegrass, Sheep Fescue, Creeping Red Fescue, Hard Fescue and Chewing Fescue. This mix of fine-leafed fescues perform best on well-drained soils where light irrigation is available. Like other fine fescues, these varieties will not perform well in wet areas. They are the most drought tolerant of the fescues and of the cool season grasses, including ryegrass, bluegrass, tall fescue and bentgrass. Under severe drought conditions, these fine fescues are survivors.

Colorado Buffalo Blend

Colorado Buffalo Blend™ grass is a combination of Buffalo grass, Bluegrama, Chewing Fescue, and Canadian Blue Grass. Both the Buffalo and Bluegrama are warm season, native varieties that can require very little water and maintenance. The Canadian Blue Grass and Chewing Fescue are cool season, low water, low growing turf grasses that have been added to give stability during harvest while adding color in the Spring and Fall. Remember that a pure warm season turf will be mostly dormant from Fall to Spring. It is not recommended that Colorado Buffalo Blend™ be installed before May 1st. If we experience a late Spring cold snap, newly installed turf could be severely set back or killed. Colorado Buffalo Blend™ uses native seed mixes that are more suited to this region and have less winter kill than other imported varieties. Colorado Buffalo Blend™ is not recommended for high traffic areas with excessive foot traffic, such as athletic fields and parks. Remember -- this is a low, slow growing xeric turf. Once established, Colorado Buffalo Blend™ has the unique ability to become semi-dormant under severe drought stress and make a quick recovery when the moisture returns.

Nature's Prairie Turf

Nature’s Prairie Turf™ is a Turf Master Trade Mark Blend of indigenous and native grasses. This blend is a low growing, slow growing turf native to North America. It has good winter color and shade tolerance, and great drought tolerance with the capability of going semi-dormant during drought or hot summer weather. Nature's Prairie grows well in poor infertile soils, with optimal elevations of growth between 5,000 ft to 10,000 ft. Nature’s Prairie Turf™ is very tolerant of salinity and alkaline conditions, but doesn’t tolerate over watering or flooding. Nature’s Prairie Turf™ is quick to establish and provides excellent density to keep out weeds and give you a very good playing surface.

Kentucky Bluegrass

Many of our varieties of Bluegrass are well suited to the West because they are drought-resistant, display an excellent green color, have a fine leaf texture, and recover quickly from wear. Bluegrass possesses a moderate traffic tolerance and wear resistance, and has the ability to recover quickly from occasional abuse because natural rhizome structures will quickly fill in damaged areas. Our improved varieties of Bluegrasses green up early in the spring and perform well both in summer and winter. Bluegrass thrives in full sun and can tolerate up to approximately 30% shade.

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