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Colorado Buffalo Blend

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Colorado Buffalo Blend™ grass is a combination of Buffalo grass, Bluegrama, Chewing Fescue, and Canadian Blue Grass. Both the Buffalo and Bluegrama are warm season, native varieties that can require very little water and maintenance. The Canadian Blue Grass and Chewing Fescue are cool season, low water, low growing turf grasses that have been added to give stability during harvest while adding color in the Spring and Fall. Remember that a pure warm season turf will be mostly dormant from Fall to Spring. It is not recommended that Colorado Buffalo Blend™ be installed before May 1st. If we experience a late Spring cold snap, newly installed turf could be severely set back or killed. Colorado Buffalo Blend™ uses native seed mixes that are more suited to this region and have less winter kill than other imported varieties. Colorado Buffalo Blend™ is not recommended for high traffic areas with excessive foot traffic, such as athletic fields and parks. Remember -- this is a low, slow growing xeric turf. Once established, Colorado Buffalo Blend™ has the unique ability to become semi-dormant under severe drought stress and make a quick recovery when the moisture returns.


Watering is critical during establishment, which is typical for any turf. Water DAILY for the first ten to fourteen days. Keep the turf moist and do not let it dry out. For the first year of establishment, it is recommended that your new Colorado Buffalo BlendTM be watered like it was bluegrass. Proper establishment in the first year will lead to a healthy, vigorous turf that will lead to significant water savings in the future years.

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